Leave it to experts in internet marketing to practice what they preach. I’m connected on LinkedIn to Michael Stebbins, the Founder and CEO of Market Motive, a provider of internet marketing certification courses.

Last week he offered his LinkedIn followers a free month of the service, a $299 value. I decided to take him up on the offer and am brushing up my social media marketing skills.  I can now see why major universities are licensing this content for their MBA programs.  While there are a lot of good sources for learning online marketing, Market Motive seems to be the first to curate a huge wealth of current and authoritative  knowledge into an ordered and structured curriculum. The content is EXCELLENT.

As I’m building out my new managed marketing operations business I will be eying their graduates for recruitment as I know what their baseline knowledge and abilities are. Further, I will clearly be putting my employees through their courses to keep their knowledge and skills on the cutting edge.

Those caught in the mire of this recession should also investigate them. Their master course is eligible to be paid 100%  by US Government for qualified unemployed. Internet marketing is a market that has legs. If you are ready for a career change this may be an excellent opportunity.

Bill Ross
Latro Bellum Corporation