When my wife and I were in Maui last time we got roped into one of those time-share pitches. The offer was just too good to avoid: Suffer through a time-share pitch and get tickets to one of the shows going on at one of the hotels. As we knew the tickets were hard to get we decided to “suck it up” and go.

We don’t fit the profile for time-shares. We have young children and pets. Our ‘vacations’ are limited to weekend escapes. This didn’t matter to the sales guy, he put us right into his high-pressure canned pitch anyway. We suffered through it and got vouchers for our tickets. We swore we’d never do it again.

Those services where your company gets matched with C-Level executives at a resort are very similar to time-share pitches. The service provider gets executives from large companies to show up at a resort for a few days at no cost to them. They get free transportation, lodging, meals, golf, etc. In return they need to suffer through a series of 15-minute pitches from the CEOs and VPs of Sales from desperate emerging companies. These C-Level executives are essentially like my wife and I suffering through the time-share pitch to get our vouchers.

The desperate entrepreneurs feel great because they have spent one-on-one time with C-Level executives that are seemingly impossible to reach. The prospects are always polite and professional and make the entrepreneurs feel ‘swell.’ However, at roughly $5,000 / meeting, these are mostly just a waste of time, effort and money. They rarely turn into business. The only ones that make out are the service providers and the executives that get free 5-Star vacations.

You can get meetings with C-Level executives without being desperate and wasting money. In fact, I wrote about how to do it here: http://bit.ly/d6wFJY. Avoid these C-Level matchmaking services. There are alternatives with much better ROIs.

Going to Market is Like Going to War

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