There are three main elements to any social media marketing effort and one must consider them in a precise order for the effort to be worthwhile. They are:

1)      Members: Who do you want to communicate with? Note that I specifically said “communicate with.” Your goal is to open an ongoing dialog, not just stuff sales messaging down the members’ throats.

2)      Messages: What information do you want to discuss? Within the same company you may want to have multiple conversations depending on the role.

3)      Mediums: Where are your targeted members congregating? Knowing who you want to communicate with and what you want to discuss with them will often help make it clear which medium to explore.

I often encounter executives that open a discussion with “We *have* to have a Facebook page!” When I go through the process of questioning them as to who they want to communicate with and what they want to communicate, it often turns out that Facebook isn’t where they should be investing their time, money and resources.

Make your social media marketing efforts more valuable by remembering the simple “3 M’s of Social Media Marketing”: Members, Messages and Mediums.

Going to Market is Like Going to War